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What is Curve-Cut™?

hellbend curve-cut handlebar riserhellbend curve-cut handlebar riserhellbend curve-cut handlebar riserhellbend curve-cut handlebar riser

Hellbend Curve-Cut™ Bar risers are like nothing you’ve seen before. We gave up the everyday 2D contour machine processes with hard chamfered edges, transitioning over to the intricate world of multi-axis 3D machining.

Our Curve-Cut™ Risers are stylized with smooth sweeping radii around the top knuckles and lower mounts. Along with clean tangential transitions between key features for an uninterrupted visual flow. Utilizing our Adaptive 3D milling processes, we’re able to provide a design that stands out miles from the crowd, with details you won’t find in another set of risers. The types of features not achievable by just any home brew machinist.

The 3D process operates along all 3, and at times 4 axis at once in order to provide these features, vs conventional milling operating on only 2 axis at a given time. 13 hours of mill processes is what goes into just machining of a set of Curve-Cuts. Followed up by 7+ hours of hand polishing, and a multistage UV resistant Bright Anodizing process.

Sounds like a long time? You bet it is. Is it worth it? Hell yes, it is. To be able to provide our customers with a truly unique, top quality product, we can’t think of a better way to spend our time than machining these bad-ass risers for our customers and their bikes.

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