Warranty Information – HellBend Custom Cycles

Warranty Information

Hellbend offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty when you purchase from our site or an authorized dealer.

What does our Lifetime Warranty Cover?

Our Lifetime Warranty guarantees our parts to be free from manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects include abnormal breakages, imperfect threading, and material defects such as cracks and faulty welds. Parts must be used normally in accordance linstructed by the manufacturer.

What our Lifetime Warranty does not cover?

Please understand, due to the nature of our parts, there will be gradual wear and tear on the part from prolonged use and you will see eventual surface damage such as, but not limited to, dents and scratches. This does not fall under manufacturing defects and thus is not covered under our Lifetime Warranty.

Our Lifetime Warranty DOES NOT cover parts that have also been misused, abused, improperly installed, modified in anyway from the original part, and purposefully damaged.

If you have any questions or want to claim our Limited Lifetime Warranty, please go to our contact form to Contact Us.